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Purchase Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap and Matte Wrap Products Online

Welcome to the WrapVehicles.com Store!

Now you can wrap your own vehicle using the same material our professional installers use. We currently offer the highest quality 3M Di-Noc and 3M 1080 series material in a range of colors, including matte black wrap and carbon fiber wrap colors.

You know that Carbon Fiber Roof you always wanted…Now you can have it and for a fraction of the cost.

Choose from two types of carbon fiber vinyl material: 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl and 3M 1080 Scotchprint Carbon Fiber Vinyl. Both are equally amazing in terms of look and feel.

The 1080 carbon fiber comes in a 60" roll which allows more area to be covered without having to seem.

The Di-Noc Carbon Fiber is a little more expensive and comes in a 48", so the coverage area requires a little more planning when dealing with areas larger than 4 feet wide.

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Do it yourself matte black vinyl hood wrap. C'mon…you know you wanna'

3M's 1080 matte black vinyl wrap material is the best matte black for any vehicle. With this material you literally can blackout the hood of your car in minutes. What makes this film so awesome is how flat the black color is and how easy it is to install. Simply measure, cut, and install.

The 3M 1080 matte black vinyl comes in a 60" roll which makes covering really large areas super easy and with minimal seems.

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This ain't rocket science

The tools required for installation are minimal – all that is required is spray bottle, razor knife, heat-gun and squeegee (felt-tip squeegee recommended).

Get this! We even throw in a starter tool-set with all orders over $100.

WHOA Free Tools!

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The Future - What's in store? (get it... "store" … pff)

Soon we will be offering all 3M 1080 gloss colors and matte colors for purchase online and even the option to have your own wrap color printed. And better yet - get this - you will also be able to upload your own artwork and have it printed on whatever color you want (some material limitations apply). Imagine the roof of your car (or hood or both) wrapped with your artwork, your color, your way. The color and graphic possibilities are endless.  Subscribe to our list to find out more.